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With a rise in businesses retailing and installing generators in households there is higher competition in provision of propane generators, in order to make it in this competitive industry Propane Generator Guys is putting emphasis on innovation, uniqueness and quality of the generators we install for our customers. We have the best propane generator installation contractor and we always leave our customers very satisfied with our services and products. Propane Generator Guys employees have a lot of experience, innovation and the right technology and tools to do the best installation of propane generators which is accident free and always there as back up when electricity is disrupted. We have the best working conditions for the workers and the best customer service, we ensure the customers get their products at the right time and the best quality since that’s one of our core values.

Service beyond expectation

We at Propane Generator Guys always do our best in ensuring that we meet and surpass customer expectations in the installation of propane generators. Propane Generator Guys does not only create relationships in business but also help our customers in better decision making and guiding them all through in matters pertaining propane generators.we also give information and advice on other products that we don’t sell but are related to propane generators.

Being the Solution

We at Propane Generator Guys make it our business to solve all the problems that arise with the propane generators business. With our team of professionals we ensure that any complain by any of our customers is rectified within the shortest time period and if the problem is non rectifiable we always have a better alternative to ensure that we have solved the problem being faced by the customer.


Propane Generator Guys ensures that all our products and services are safe for our customers. Propane is environmental friendly and easily detectable if it leaks due to its unique smell, in case of a leak in the propane tank our customers are always advised to call our team on 888-419-3336 to come rectify the problem before the problem gets out of hand. Our workers also have special gear during installation to prevent them from electric shocks and faults during installation.


We at Propane Generator Guys are committed to provision of quality products and dependable services at all times, reliable supply of propane generators to all our customers and customer satisfaction. We also advocate for product expertise and experience to ensure our products and services are world class. Propane Generator Guys ensures that we offer prompt services and our products are tailored to the specific needs of each of our customers.

Propane Generator Guys provides a safe, violence and drug free environment where junior employees are nurtured to become best in their areas of specialization. We also help our employees in meeting and achieving both personal and business goals. Propane Generator Guys also rewards workers whose efforts are directed to the improvement and growth of the business.

We also ensure that we are providing value added products and services to our customers and always work to our level best to ensure that our employees get the best knowledge and skills in order to be more competitive.

Customers can always visit us or call us on 888-419-3336 to get more information about our products.

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