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We at Propane Generator Guys deal with both portable and fixed generators according to a client’sconvenience. Most of our clients always prefer portable due to benefits such as;

Portable propane generators ensures one has power whenever they need it, this is more crucial for customers running businesses such as restaurants and barber shops and salons among others which need continuous use of power. It is also used to power home appliances such as freezers, microwaves and electronics whenever there is power outage.

Portable propane generators are convenient in that the owner is always certain that the portable power generator will be easy to take from one place to another when there is no electricity. Propane Generator Guys provides propane generators with pneumatic wheels which never get flat and overcomes any type of terrain. We also provide smaller models which are light enough to carry by hand.


Features and Accessories

Propane Generator Guys offers generators with the best features in the market that suit customer needs. The following are the most important features to look when buying propane generators;

Wheeled frames-this ensures that the generator is portable to different locations. Wheeled generators are more convenient since they can be used for different purposes and different locations

Noise- most generators are generally noisy,we at Propane Generator Guys offer propane generators with special features which reduce the noise produced during the generator operation.

Availability of a transfer switch which safely closes off the utility power line to one’s house electrical system and opens a direct line to the generator and reverses the processes when utility power is restored.


Safety Tips

We at Propane Generator Guys always advise our customers to ensure they are safe when using this propane generators. The following are some of the precautions and tips to be followed when using these generators;

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Ensure the propane generator is always run in open places where there is ample ventilation

Operate propane generators on level surfaces where there is no moisture, dust or corrosive vapors

Always ensure that propane is added when the generator is not running, when its engine is cool.

Never connect the generator directly to your homes wiring or into a regular household outlet

Have a regular inspection of the generator.You can call Propane Generator Guys on 888-419-3336 for expert advice and for purchase of genuine parts during repair and replacement

Having a propane generator for emergency backup at home or work will always have an additional advantage since you will always be prepared and armed for any action which threatens utilitypower. A propane generator will ensure your household appliances are working at all times and never inconveniencing the activities at home or even at work.Propane Generator Guys has the best propane generators and always follow up to know on the progress after a client has bought the generator.

Propane Generator Guys provides propane generators which are easy to use. Our generators can be used by anyone even without necessarily having to have special technical skills. Propane Generator Guys also offers instructions and manuals for adding fuel and oil and for all operations of the device.

propane generators are also safe to use. Propane Generator Guys offers generators with a wide range of safety features that reduce the risk of damages and injuries to none.

Customers can always reach us on 888-419-3336 for delivery, quotations, repairs and general questions about propane generators.

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